Mist Collector

Following up on a lineup of control panel coolers that contribute to better control equipment operating environments, Apiste has released a mist collector that improves the factory floor mist environment.
By drastically reducing the need for the frequent maintenance characteristic of past mist collectors, Apiste mist collectors contribute to a more comfortable factory environment with less effort and for much longer.


Hyper Chiller Unit

Besides combining the industry’s fastest response and pinpoint ±0.1ºC precision, Apiste’s innovative lambda airflow design (air-cooling type) and tower condenser (water-cooling type) give PCU-SL Series high-performance chillers steady cooling performance regardless of usage conditions.
PCU-SL Series chillers also feature MIL specification compliant vibration resistance, a wide -5ºC - 45ºC range, and inverter control for better energy economy and versatility.