Mist Collector

Following up on a lineup of control panel coolers that contribute to better control equipment operating environments, Apiste has released a mist collector that improves the factory floor mist environment.
By drastically reducing the need for the frequent maintenance characteristic of past mist collectors, Apiste mist collectors contribute to a more comfortable factory environment with less effort and for much longer.


Hyper Chiller Unit

Besides combining the industry’s fastest response and pinpoint ±0.1ºC precision, Apiste’s innovative lambda airflow design (air-cooling type) and tower condenser (water-cooling type) give PCU-SL Series high-performance chillers steady cooling performance regardless of usage conditions.
PCU-SL Series chillers also feature MIL specification compliant vibration resistance, a wide -5ºC - 45ºC range, and inverter control for better energy economy and versatility.


Chiller Units

The air chiller/PCU series can be used in a wide variety of production processes. On top of laser beam machines, various high-precision work machines, high-frequency oscillators, welders, molders, and analyzers, it also excels in many uses for circulated water cooling, such as temperature control for various types of welding, stirring machines, etc. It has a wide range of controllable temperatures, from -10℃~80℃. Since these air chillers are able to continue working without stopping a compressor at all of its temperature ranges, it provides constant reliability and precision. Additionally, it utilizes a multistage roll pump in order to avoid causing water pumps to "pulsate". Since pulsation, which are said to have a negative influence on working accuracy and measurement accuracy, does not occur, it allows for more precision and reliable production/development/quality management. Pumps can be adjusted to lifting height for more functionality. Our lineup contains four types: 200W/400W/600W/750W.


Precision Air Conditioning

The Apiste PAU series is an AC unit used for clean and precise air conditioning. It's perfect for a variety of uses and can be used for all types of tests, cooling, etc. Only cooling the places that need to be cooled, it also saves energy. Apart from anti-heat and humidity functions, it also has vaporizing functions as well. It provides dry air, and has the DR type which is for local air conditioning, and the AZ series which provides humidifying functions, the lineup is sure to support your needs.


Providing accurate temperature and humidity control in local space. It's perfect for a variety of uses and can be used for all types of tests, cooling, etc.


There is a dry air unit for dehumidifying, and a wide range model for air conditioning idle spaces.